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Hardik International Pvt. Ltd. is legitimately connected to the wellbeing. We manufacture and assemble Orthopaedic Implants and Instruments with wide scope of Products for the Orthopaedic Society. Our Core items are Bone Plates, Bone Screw, Interlocking Nails, Hip Prosthesis, External Fixator, Spinal, and so on. We offer to Distributors, Hospitals, and Wholesalers everywhere in the world who are utilizing/selling our items in their nearby market.

Our Journey begins in December 1990, when founder Mr. Mukesh M. Hadvani had set up the small scale unit in Mumbai, In 2000 the organization got incorporated and since then we had extended our essence regularly around the globe, giving quality items and the best of the administration. The current deals in trade are amazing 87%.

We strive for giving the best to our customers and serving the best items to our clients in the clinical industry. We don’t check just our firsts yet in addition our learning, delights, and qualities that we get from doing what we love to do.

Thereby, we would likewise thank every one of our allies for having faith in us and helping us in our excursion of achieving and accomplishing.


Our Mission is to create better and healthy life for every individual who are affected by some serious injuries. We help them by providing our accurately designed implants and instruments.
In Hardik International Pvt. Ltd., by doing constant Research and Development, our experts team takes this one step closer to provide better Orthopaedic Medical Devices in the market.


With enormous experience of more than 30 years in the field of orthopedic medical devices, our vision is to be recognized as the most trusted brand globally in the medical industry by serving every affected individual and improving constantly with our products and services in the coming years.


Actual wellbeing is never pretty much of our body. It’s our psyche, emotions, and desire. When something keeps it down, it’s our entire life on hold.

We’re here to change that, to utilize innovation to take the cut-off points of living, and help other clinical experts do likewise.

At Hardik International Pvt. Ltd., we work with the energy to help other people live valiantly. Over numerous countries, patients, specialists, and accomplices the same rely upon Hardik International Pvt. Ltd. to push ahead. Each orthopaedic implant that we manufacture is developed by the most excellent guidelines. We invest heavily in our committed group of specialists that ensures we remain in accordance with the rigid standards set by ISO 13485:2016, CE – an accomplishment not many in the business have accomplished.

We put stock in Powering Motion – The organization’s way of thinking “to get and keep individuals moving” – depends on the possibility that action is the way to carrying on with a more beneficial way of life, better treatment results, and improved medical services for all. We do this by conveying a total Orthopaedic continuum of care from execution and portability to careful mediation and post-operative rehabilitation.

Surgical Implants manufacturing is a highly developed craft and the craftsmen who make equipment are the modern heirs to this ancient art. While new techniques have kept pace with advances in surgical practices, the essence of craft has changed very little. Today advanced technology to aid in the manufacture of instruments and equipment but remains the skill of gifted instrument makers that turn raw steel into finely honed tools ready for the Doctor’s hand. At Hardik International Pvt. Ltd., Quality is Oxygen and Service is Heart.


Genuine responsibility towards Quality and Time management, we achieved 94% retention in our current business and they had alluded our items to their friends, family, and co-specialists. We go past ISO 13485:2016 and CE standards which are vital, to guarantee results of reliably great quality and adequacy. Aside from item Quality, we are likewise rumoured for brief conveyance, valued to purchaser’s business, friendly culture, and the group which incorporates the most experienced business and innovation experts.


We are committed to provide innovative Orthopaedics Implants, Instruments and External Fixator which meet clinically adherence, improves patient care and meet customer and regulatory requirements by managing product risk through effective Quality Management System through out in the organization.


Mr. Mukesh Hadvani


Mr. Mayur Kalariya


Mr. Hardik Patel


Mr. Preyash Hadvani


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